One of the 100 Landscapes of Japan・Scenic Beauty / Boat rides down Geibi Gorge

Route & Fares

The return trip up and down the river, guided by a boatman or woman, takes about 90 minutes. At the turnaround point, about 20 minutes is allowed for walking a little further into the gorge, and throwing “undama” to make a wish. On the return journey, you can enjoy the boatman or woman singing “Geibi Oiwake”.



A giant cliff 124 meters high, located at the furthest part of Geibi Gorge.


There are 10 undama: destiny, longevity, fortune, connections, wishes, romance, love, bonds, income, and assets. You can buy three for 100 yen.

Wishing Hole

It’s said you’ll get good luck if the undama you throw goes in the hole.

Sofu-gan Rock & Shofu-gan Rock

These giant rocks face each other from opposite sides of the Satetsu River, resembling a married couple.

Shishigahana (Lion's Snout)

This strangely-shaped rock looks like a lion's snout, and is the source of Geibikei Gorge's name.


General public Groups of 15 or more Groups of 100 or more
Adults 1,800 yen 1,620 yen 1,440 yen
Elementary school-age children 900 yen 810 yen 720 yen
Small children (3 years and older) 200 yen 200 yen 200 yen

* Includes consumption tax

  • No discount applies for mixed groups of adults, elementary school children and small children.
  • Reservations required for groups of 15 or more.
  • Departures may be increased depending on the number of people.
  • Boats may be operated for groups as required.
  • Kotatsu boats operate from December to February.
  • Reservations are not required for “kotatsu” boats, but are required for orders of hotpot dishes.
  • Boats are barrier-free and can accommodate passengers using wheelchairs.
  • Pets (medium-sized dogs, cats) on leases may ride for 200 yen. Pets are not permitted when the boat is covered with a plastic roof.


Boats operate 365 days a year.
* Service may be suspended due to weather conditions.
* During busy periods, extra tours may be added as needed

April 1- November 5 November 6-10 November 11-20 November 21-March 31
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Inquiries & Reservations

Geibi Tourism Center (Reservation Center)
467 machi,Nagasaka,Higashiyama-cho,Ichinoseki-shi,Iwate 029-0302,Japan
TEL +81-191-47-2341 FAX +81-191-47-3288